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Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

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A serious question for all believers: Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

“If we use our tongues properly, they will be a tree of life. But if we use our tongues improperly, then the result is death; and whichever way we use our tongues, we can be sure we will eat the fruit. Each one of us eats the fruit of our own tongue. If the fruit is sweet, we will eat sweet fruit. If the fruit is bitter, we will feed on bitter fruit. God has ordained it that way. The tongue is the decisive member. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”
Derek Prince, Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

James 1:26 says, “If anyone thinks he is religious without controlling his tongue, then his religion is useless and he deceives himself.” Every Christian knows that controlling the tongue is a must, so what happens when we discover – as we all do, sooner or later – that we are powerless to do so? In Does Your Tongue Need Healing? Derek Prince provides the answer.

If you struggle with gossip, exaggeration, wordiness, flattery, careless or hasty words, or lying, then your tongue needs healing. Prince’s Does Your Tongue Need Healing? takes the reader step by step from the diagnosis to the deliverance. Of the wisdom contained in this book, Prince says, “I promise you, it will change your whole life. You will be a different person.”

Are you ready for your life to change in a big way?

 “You cannot have bad fruit from a good tree, nor can you have good fruit from a bad tree. There is an absolute, inescapable connection between the state of the heart and the state of the mouth. We may deceive ourselves about the state of our hearts with all sorts of ideas about our own goodness, purity or righteousness, but the sure and unfailing indicator is what comes out of our mouths. If that which comes out of our mouths is corrupt, then our hearts are corrupt. There can be no other conclusion.”
Derek Prince, Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

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