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"Decision is yours. Performance is God's."

Do we understand the power of decision?

“What we do, who we are, where we end up—all are the visible evidence of what we have secretly chosen along the way.

Free will is a gift given only to mankind, but it is a gift so absolute that God Himself will never take it back. He will rule and He will have the last word, but He will never make your choice for you. You choose. You will choose.

“When the Lord reveals His will and His standard, He calls for decision. The Lord Jesus wants agreement, not acquiescence. He seeks a willing partner, not a mindless slave. Ever He is inspiring a love relationship, and this is the privilege of entering fully the adventure of life with Christ…by delighted choice!

“All things in life are about choosing. Belief comes from a choice to believe. Doubt is the result of a decision to doubt.”

In this booklet, Martha explores the power of decision and shows how God limits Himself to work in our lives based on our decisions.

“David formed his life by deliberate choice, according to the standard of God. He made decisions in the midst of difficulty and unspeakable pressure; he made decisions unto the Lord, before the Lord alone!

“You will be held accountable for your decisions and your non-decisions, the choices you should have made and didn’t. Apathy in the realm of decision – by postponement (‘maybe later’) or indecisiveness – will be counted before God as a clear NO.”

This booklet is part of the Hearing God Series.

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ISBN-10: 1936057050

ISBN-13: 9781936057054

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Product Reviews

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  1. Penetrating light and truth.

    Posted by DouglasPNW on 21st Oct 2018

    This book, as well as the entire "Hearing God" series, should be required reading and study for anyone who seriously wants to grow in their discipleship and relationship with Jesus Christ. I don't have adequate words to describe the truth and light these works convey, but if you are reading this review I plead with you to read this book, and then the entire series. Then see what God does.

  2. Five Stars

    Posted by Kristine Reinbold on 21st Oct 2018

    Nothing like a good dose of personal responsibility!

  3. Life.... or Death?

    Posted by Jim Pierce on 23rd Jan 2014

    Blessings...or curses?
    This teaching is so simple, but so necessary...even crucial.
    We will decide...even if we 'refuse to choose'...we have then made our choice.
    CHOOSE LIFE! (Deut 30:15 AND 19)