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Continuous Revival: The Secret of Victorious Living

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What is Continuous Revival and how is it the secret of victorious living?

“The transforming truth of [continuous revival] took time to sink in—and is still sinking in! It began to shake me out of the misconception of years—that revival could come only in great soul-shaking outpourings of the Spirit. Thank God for such torrents when they do come; they have been the great and precious hurricanes of the Spirit in the history of the Church. But I saw the defeatism and almost hopelessness that so many of us had fallen into by thinking that we could do nothing about revival except pray (often rather unbelievingly) and wait until the heavens opened and God came down. But now I see that ‘revival’ in its truest sense is an everyday affair right down within the reach of everyday folk—to be experienced each day in our hearts, homes, churches and fields of service.”
Norman Grubb, Continuous Revival: The Secret of Victorious Living

Does revival come only in great soul-shaking outpourings of the Spirit? “NO!” says Norman Grubb. Revival is within reach of everyday people and can be experienced in your heart, home, and church.

Follow Grubb in Continuous Revival: The Secret of Victorious Living as he takes you through his experiences and the effect on his life of the brokenness and ongoing personal revival he found as a result of his exposure to the revival movement in Rwanda, Africa in 1950. Learn for yourself the working secret which brought continuous revival to thousands over a period of sixteen years. Read this book and let the Reviver do His work in you!

“God is light. Silently, inexorably He shines on and in us, revealing things just as they are in His sight. Have you ever noticed the pivotal place given, even in salvation, to our response to light?”
Norman Grubb, Continuous Revival: The Secret of Victorious Living

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  1. More than meets the eye

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2020

    When I initially purchased my books, I had no idea I would be supporting a ministry that was so deeply rooted in Jesus‘s truth and love. My materials arrived promptly and as ordered. As I waited I received a personalized email from the owner and operator of the site, with an invitation to an online podcast. I decided to take a listen and what I heard blessed me greatly. I could clearly discern that the hosts, by their testimonies and tender heart towards our Messiah, that they very intimate with Him. I believe I will be purchasing from their site in the future for no other reason then to support such a brother and sister in Messiah as these.
    Bless you both, and please continue as the Lord leads
    A. Perricone

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