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Called or Chosen


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“When you follow Jesus, you discover your calling, your position, your special place in the Body, your anointing, and your gifts—things you will never know unless you follow the One who dreamed you, wherever He goes.” 

For many are called, but few are chosen.
Matthew 22:14 

A disciple of Jesus is one who follows and obeys Him, but not everybody who Jesus calls chooses to do so. This is the stark difference between those who are called and those who are chosen. 

Are you experiencing stagnation in your spiritual life? Is your ministry falling apart? Do you set out to serve the Lord and meet with trouble upon trouble? There may be more than just enemy warfare behind it all, and your life and calling may hang in the balance. 

In “Called or Chosen,” Martha reviews the conditions of discipleship set forth by Jesus Himself. She looks at those Jesus called who became disciples, as well as those Jesus called who would not follow Him. In this intimate study of what it means to follow Jesus, Martha uncovers the pitfalls that weed out the called from the chosen and the ultimate reward of His disciples. 

“You cannot follow Jesus if you’re bitter with God. You won’t.”


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