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Body of Christ: A Reality

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"He who sees the body of Christ most spontaneously sees not only the stupidity of independent action but the need for fellowship as well. Fellowship is not an external exercise in social intercourse; it is the spontaneous demand of body life."

The Body of Christ: A Reality is Church Like You've Never Seen It!

As Christ the head is a reality, so the church as the body of Christ is a reality. To many, however, the body of Christ is a vague, nebulous and abstract term. It is merely a beautiful concept or a noble theory, not a living reality as is presented in the Scriptures. We need to see that the body of Christ is a life which we live in. It ought to become our daily experience.

"Oftentimes when you meet an individual who is truly of the Lord, your heart goes out to him as soon as you learn he is a Christian, regardless whether he comes from abroad or is a native citizen, whether he is highly civilized or uncultured, or regardless of what race or profession he may be. Love is an inner consciousness. If you are in the same spiritual body, you naturally have this kind of consciousness."
Watchman Nee, The Body of Christ: A Reality

In The Body of Christ: A Reality, Watchman Nee attempts to show us the true and practical reality of the body of Christ. He proves to us that the body of Christ is founded on life and life-consciousness. It is built on a living relationship among its members as well as with its head. This body is governed by its own laws, and blessed are those who discover these laws and follow them. To them the body of Christ is indeed a living reality.

May God grant to all who read this book wisdom and strength for living in the reality of the body of Christ!

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