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​The Church in Crisis

​The Church in Crisis

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The Church in CrisisIn this crucial yet often neglected message for the last days, Martha Kilpatrick warns “that the Church is in crisis today because of its need for discernment.” The Church has chosen ‘goodness’ rather than seeking God’s wisdom and discernment in Spirit-led confrontation and accountability.

Lack of Discernment Leads to a Church in Crisis

It was through one person’s discernment – and willingness to hear and obey the Spirit’s leading to confront me – that the Lord exposed my own heart and brought me to salvation and deliverance. It was Love that came after me, not only to rescue and save me but also to save the Church, His sheep, from my evil and destruction. It was life or death for me personally, and “The Church in Crisis” makes it clear that it is life or death for the Church. It is life or death for many who are perishing without someone who will seek God’s will, who will listen and discern and, if necessary, confront and hold accountable for His Name’s sake.

Martha presents many Old and New Testament scriptures and warnings about false prophets and teachers, false shepherds and false brethren, deceivers, false doctrines and wolves in sheep’s clothing—and the extreme danger of not discerning who they are. Through the Word and her own life experiences, Martha illustrates that without discernment, the Church will be defeated and destroyed.

“The Church in Crisis” is not about judging another. As Martha says, “Judging is my opinion – sense and reason without the Holy Spirit – but discernment is hearing God.” That both convicts me of my own human judgment and calls me to seek Him and His will and mind in everything. Through this message, I am made deeply aware of my responsibility to hear Him and discern about every person and in every situation, and “not to lean on my own understanding.” It is sobering and liberating at the same time because He is and has the Solution.

“God holds us accountable and gives to us the privilege and the responsibility to discern.”
Martha Kilpatrick, “The Church in Crisis”

"The Church in Crisis" is available on CD or in downloadable mp3 format for immediate listening.
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