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Martha Kilpatrick Asks Where We Turn in Chaotic Times

Martha Kilpatrick Asks Where We Turn in Chaotic Times

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An Audio Letter to the Church in these perilous times!

A Letter to the Church

In these turbulent days, evil is blatantly expressing itself in more and more violence. It screams at us through the media with ever-present horror stories. Mass murders, martyrdom, suicide bombings, the threat of smart bombs, and lawlessness at every level of society. Jesus foretold in Matthew 24:6-7 that there would be wars and rumors of wars in the end times. The question for us is, “What is it that God is calling forth from His Church?"

In this vital audio message Martha Kilpatrick addresses this pressing question. She describes the preparation required of us to enter into God’s plan and purpose during these last days. She also presents how these days are the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy for His Church, both for us individually and corporately.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish."

In a profound and prophetic voice, Martha speaks with passion and tears as she tells of the Holy Spirit's move in her life and calls the Church to join her in a deep cleansing of repentance. This calling is a burning fire of the Spirit to prepare His church to rule and reign with Him during these last days and forever. It's only in purity that we will stand. 

I found myself saying repeatedly ‘Yes and Amen’ to the Holy Spirit to continue to search me and try me and prepare me for His purpose. The impartation of the Spirit’s passion and zeal through Martha struck me as she revealed the mind and heart of the Father for His Son. He's looking for the Testimony of His Son and His Lordship in reality, not just in words or knowledge. As Martha says in this message, “We will be measured by how much of Christ is manifest in our lives.” 

I believe that this personal message is spoken like a letter to the church. If you're a believer facing doubt and fear and looking for the safety promised by the Lord, there's encouragement, guidance and the impartation of His vision and purpose for the transcendent Church, the Body of Christ, in this timely address! 

“If we are willing, the Holy Spirit is going to search us and find us and burn out of us whatever quenches the Testimony of Christ.”

A Letter to the Church is available on CD or in downloadable mp3 format for immediate listening.

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