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Many Called, Few Chosen: Becoming a Disciple

Many Called, Few Chosen: Becoming a Disciple

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Called and Chosen by Martha Kilpatrick

“Called or Chosen,” the Message of the Month for May 2015, finds Martha Kilpatrick looking at Matthew 22:14 with fresh eyes and a new anointing of the Holy Spirit—“Many are called, but few are chosen.” I really thought that I had a decent understanding of this well-known Scripture, but I found myself marveling at the depth and reach of these seven words.

In “Called or Chosen,” Martha says, “When you follow Jesus, you discover your calling, your position, your special place in the Body, your anointing, and your gifts—things you will never know unless you follow the One who dreamed you, wherever He goes.” I found myself wondering why anyone would refuse to follow Jesus and miss out on the eternal meaning and significance of their entire life. What would drive that NO to God? What drove me before I was born again?

Martha doesn’t just look at the conditions of discipleship – the chosen – laid out by Jesus. She also explores the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that result in many being called and so few chosen. As I listened to “Called or Chosen,” the Spirit shed new Light on some areas of my life that I’ve nearly despaired over. Suddenly Matthew 22:14 isn’t just a declaration of truth by Jesus but also an incredibly personal diagnosis and prescription for deeper healing of my heart today.

The spiritual wisdom and revelation in this message isn’t relegated to mere knowledge or study of Jesus and His disciples—there is LIFE here. The Holy Spirit provides answers to questions we don’t even know to ask, and Martha’s in-depth look at the difference between being called and being chosen is filled with insights and warnings that are both practical and personal.

“Called or Chosen” is a message that I can’t recommend highly enough to anyone hungry for fresh anointing on the Life and call of Christ, and most especially to those like me who are pretty comfortable with what they think they know. May you be as piercingly and powerfully surprised and challenged as I have been!

Called or Chosen is available on CD or in downloadable mp3 format for immediate listening.
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