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Bring Me My Chariot of Fire!

Bring Me My Chariot of Fire!

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Chariot of FireThere’s no shortage of books on the Jezebel Spirit, and a great deal of wisdom can be found in them concerning this particular evil. But Martha Kilpatrick’s Chariot of Fire stands out for its remarkable focus on the purpose and victory of Elijah.

I have finished many a book and found myself pondering the problem it addressed rather than the solution. Reading Chariot of Fire results in the opposite. Though the Jezebel Spirit is revealed and diagnosed clearly, Kilpatrick ever points her readers back to what really matters: the victory of Jesus Christ over this evil. It is the revelation of Elijah’s triumph that takes center stage here. And it is this brilliant insight into his relationship with our victorious God that sets this book apart.

Chariot of Fire: Elijah Restores

An excerpt from Chapter 28, “Elijah Restores”:

The terrible motivation of Jezebel is Satan’s own savage hatred for God. And that is the real goal – to get at God through those He saves…and loves. To beat Him! To humiliate God! To kill His plans and His sheep. All to get at Him. This is Jezebel by Satan’s insane rage toward the One Who Rules.

You and I are simply the pawns of Satan’s Game of Hatred, played against God because He is God. And because He loves us…

So Jezebel disturbs the relationship with God by her loud interference. When she can separate the believer from this Good Father by the means of her intimidation and lies, she has secured her destruction. Then the Father sends the Holy Spirit in the Elijah mantle and begins to woo back to Himself the widow (the woman in frightened control) and the boy (the man in sick weakness).

When Elijah had fully demonstrated God’s goodness to those wrecked lives under Satan’s dominion, and they were restored to a Miracle Giving Father, his role was accomplished.

In the end times, Elijahs sent from God will restore the essential connection to God by the knowledge of Him as a Precious Father. And also to the Glorious Son.

The church is to be built on this rock: the revelation of who Jesus is – the Exalted Son of God. And this recognition comes, as it did for Simon Peter, by the living experience of exposure to the Trinity. Personal, private, individual…relationship is the key.

Relationship. That’s what God restores by the Elijah-spirit. The foundation of persons, of families, and of nations is relationship with God. Without communion with God as the primary bedrock of the individual, society collapses – all the way from the smallest soul to the governing power of an entire nation…

Chariot of Fire: Sign of God’s Triumph

These are days of rising lawlessness and audacious evil. We will need the wisdom to recognize the Jezebel Spirit when we face it. But more than that, we need to be steeped in the assurance of Christ’s victory over it—and the knowledge of how to access the full measure of that victory just as Elijah did. Martha Kilpatrick’s Chariot of Fire imparts that knowledge and assurance abundantly, and the need for it has never been greater.

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