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Anxiety: It Is Finished


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“Worry comes from trying to fix ourselves and trying to fix others and trying to fix the world—and we can’t.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Anxiety: It Is Finished

Given the sheer number of difficulties arising in the world today, anxiety is an issue that no believer can afford to ignore. Jesus neither excused nor allowed the bloom of fear in His disciples. Do we think He feels any differently about our fear? We don’t have to live with fear, we aren’t slaves to our anxiety, and we have no right to coddle our stress. But when you’ve lived with fear all your life, do you even know what a life free from anxiety looks like? Would you like to?

Anxiety: It Is Finished Offers Diagnosis and Healing for Fear!

Martha Kilpatrick’s Message of the Month, Anxiety: It Is Finished, reveals the source of our anxiety and then shows us how to open the door to that prison and walk free. This isn’t just simple deliverance of a stronghold. Instead, Martha presents a higher level of spiritual maturity and a deeper intimacy with the Lord. You will have as much or as little freedom from fear as you truly want, but Christ’s command to us remains the same: “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious and troubled [with cares] about your life…” (Luke 12:22).

“Anxiety is the worry (I feel) because I’m not God and I can’t control anything.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Anxiety: It Is Finished

Anxiety: It Is Finished is more than a teaching. It is a testimony of Jesus Christ’s faithfulness to rid us of all fear and anxiety, whatever it takes. It is a testimony of the bliss and bone-deep contentment that comes into the heart when fear leaves it. And above all, this message is a testimony of the fearless Life that is the heritage of every born-again believer.

October 2016 Message of the Month

Want it NOW? "Anxiety: It Is Finished " is available in mp3 for immediate download. 

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