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Altogether Forgiven

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“Forgiveness is more than a work to do… It is the power to change the world!”
Martha Kilpatrick, Altogether Forgiven

The impact of forgiveness is so much greater than most of us know. Martha Kilpatrick takes her readers into a whole world of forgiving and living forgiven that too few believers ever discover. Altogether Forgiven will challenge what you think you know about this vital subject and open your heart to the oft-hidden riches you have but to receive.

  • Do you want to experience an open heaven?
  • Do you desire for your prayers to be answered?
  • Do you wish to end the sin cycle that plagues your family?
  • Do you long to live free of guilt and shame?
  • Do you hunger to see Christ?

Every aspect of your life is either flourishing or withering away based on the issue of forgiveness. You will leave these pages with a knowledge of not just how to forgive or how to live forgiven, but the eternal purpose of forgiveness itself.

“Your sins are gone and not even remembered. Your total forgiveness for every thought, word, and deed gave you access to everything else that God has achieved in the crucifixion of Jesus. What God gave us by this extravagant gift of forgiveness is far beyond our highest dreams and infinitely above our imagination.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Altogether Forgiven

Early in her walk with Jesus, Martha Kilpatrick prayed, “I have been an expert in bitterness, Lord, so please make me an expert in forgiveness!” That prayer was faithfully answered, and Altogether Forgiven contains decades of priceless, Spirit-filled revelation born of experience in the trenches of a life lived following Christ. We pray that each reader embraces the wisdom held in these pages and receives God’s lavish gift of the grace needed to forgive and live forgiven.


ISBN-10: 1-936057-37-9
ISBN-13: 978-1936057-37-5

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Product Reviews

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  1. Leaves no stone unturned

    Posted by Tricia Exman on 8th Dec 2017

    This book plumbs the depths of forgiveness. If the Lord has taken you there personally, you will relish the journey He chose for another of His children and relive your personal lessons anew. If there are aspects of forgiveness that challenge you or nuances you just don’t get, you will when you have completed this comprehensive read on the topic. Your heart will rejoice at the masterful ways of God our Father.

  2. Hmmm....

    Posted by Sam on 30th Nov 2017

    I received an email that I should review this.

    Unfortunately I am only on page 114 and I am undone. Words falter and legs tremble a little bit. This is an spiritual autobiography and to me it seems author went down a step at the humility ladder (you go always downwards on that ladder) to meet her dear Christ a little more below.

    What a gift to the Body and the world to see the work of Christ shine this way on a human vessel!

    Glory to the Lamb and thank you Martha!