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All and Only - The First Word...and the Last

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Our God is All and Only!

“Sometimes the kiss of a friend is betrayal, an untimely death is on time, a gentle sheep hides a vicious fang.”

Where is God in our common troubles?
What is He doing in the chaotic present?
Who is God in His nature? In His being?

The enigma of suffering is a challenge not only to the power of God but to His very nature: how can a good God allow suffering? He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, our All and Only — so where is He in the turmoil and tragedy of this world? God is so magnificently God that His vast imperial reign is powerful enough to fix any human dilemma, swallow all pain and answer every quandary…He is God.

“Your suffering has a life of its own, full of unborn ideas, pulsing with mystery, rich with potential to solve your future suffering, and – most amazing – your past as well. Your suffering holds the secrets to your appointed lot and is therefore the hiding place of your power. You must value your suffering enough to coax its treasure into your using.”

In these pages are piercing insights into the very flavor of God in the suffering of humanity as told through the lives of Abraham, David, Esther, Joseph and many others. Martha Kilpatrick writes in a unique poetic prose style, and All and Only sends a fresh plumb line into the depths of Old Testament characters as they struggle to find God’s mysterious purpose in their very human passage. Their stories, made living and relevant, become as current as the times of your own life.

“God prepares His Sovereign Solution and hides it in the very middle of the crisis, long before it rises.”

ISBN-10: 0966592905 and 0940232650

ISBN-13: 978-0966592900 and 978-0940232655

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  1. Want to find your true destiny in God ?

    Posted by a Brother on 27th Jun 2013

    Christ Jesus through Martha Kilpatrick's ministry has changed my life. This book will help you find your place in God's true destiny for your life.

  2. God's Sovereignty

    Posted by C. Walker on 25th Jun 2013

    This book really helped me to understand the sovereignty of God especially in the lives of many Biblical figures. And, to see how important it is for me to recognize God's sovereignty over my life.

  3. Get connected.

    Posted by By His in Las Vegas on 25th Jun 2013

    I read this book as a 20+something. After a life of growing up in a Christian home, I knew the stories, but not the PEOPLE of the Bible. This book connected me for the first time, in a very real way, to the characters of the Bible. Some of them great, others seemingly not. But all were REAL people just like me. The book flows simply, not demanding enormous thought, just listening. You get the feeling you have spent an evening listening to an old friend tell you their deepest trials and intimate thoughts. That's why a few pages is enough for days of contemplation! I finished the book feeling like Job, David, Daniel were my good friends. And it made me realize that God in ANYONE'S life is just as precious and amazing. I can't imagine my life with Him without this milestone of a book.

  4. Reviewing "All & Only"? No way!!

    Posted by Samuel de Roa Martinez (Spain) on 22nd Jun 2013

    This is the second review I get for Martha's writings.

    I read this one some 15 years ago, and I never recovered! Ouch...
    So my review will be as short as my last one.

    This is a "book" that will be with you forever... not necessarily in paper form.
    Not all books "last forever." This book, along with "Adoration" are that *kind* of books.

    You don't believe me?

    Read it and you will find out for yourself.



  5. Excellent you pause for thinking....

    Posted by A loving Grandmother on 22nd Jun 2013

    An excellent and easy read. It gives you pause to think about your life and what you're doing and how you're doing it. I would recommend this book.

  6. Beauty through suffering

    Posted by LJ on 21st Jun 2013

    I have such difficulty reconciling God's goodness with the suffering of the world - and my own life. This book flipped my perspective. The greatest men and women of God suffered enormously BUT not for nothing. May God give me eyes to see as He does (and as He orchestrates) the suffering in my life and its purpose. This is just a piercingly beautiful book on who God really is.

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