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Absolute Surrender

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What is absolute surrender to God?

"God will bless you. You have been praying for blessing. But do remember, there must be absolute surrender. Why is tea poured into a cup? Because it is empty, and given up to the tea. But pour ink or vinegar or wine into it, and will anyone pour tea into the cup? Likewise, can God fill you, can God bless you if you are not absolutely surrendered to Him? He cannot. Let us believe that God has wonderful blessings for us if we will only stand up for God and say, though it may be with trembling wills, yet with believing hearts, 'O God, I accept Your demands. I and all that I have are Yours. Absolute surrender is what my soul yields to You by divine grace."
Andrew Murray, Absolute Surrender

If our hearts are willing to surrender everything into God's hands, there is no end to what He will do for us  no end to the blessings He will bestow.

Andrew Murray's book, Absolute Surrender, is filled with wise counsel that will enable you to take a giant step closer to God as you begin your journey into perfect peace and trust. The promise of what God can do to fill a vessel absolutely surrendered to Him is too incredible to take in, so Murray calls for us to leap out in faith and believe the awesome truth of God's promise for our lives. Why remain in the frustration of trying to live the Christian life under our own power when the eternal power of God is ours in Christ? Discover the joys of dying to self and absolute surrender to our loving Father today!

*This new edition from Whitaker House has been updated for the modern reader. Words, expressions, and sentence structure have been revised for clarity and readability.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome

    Posted by Linda Shimp on 29th Jan 2020

    I can't stop highlighting and underlining thoughts in this book. It is amazing at what I am learning about surrender. SO many provoking thoughts. And I am only on Chapter 2. I pray I retain this knowledge and put it into practice as the Holy Spirit leads me.

  2. Absolute Surrender book

    Posted by Lena Tawlks on 3rd Dec 2014

    The package arrived much sooner than expected in perfect condition. The topic was addressed in a thorough manner and will be an inspiration to our men's study group.

  3. Truely Inspiring

    Posted by Kayla on 14th Mar 2013

    Your Speeches TRUELY INSPIRE me Mr. Andrew Murray . THANKSFOR ALL THE HELP : ) sINCERLY KAY ,

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