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Jesus said, "It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick." For every kind of sickness in the world, there is a Physician with the healing they need. Living Christian Books carries many different books on healing. For the healing of physical ailments, Andrew Murray, Smith Wigglesworth and John Lake wrote books born of experience with the miraculous healing power of God. For the inner healing needed in spiritual and mental illness, Martha Kilpatrick, Derek Prince and Charles Spurgeon, among others, have great wisdom and practical experience with the broken-hearted and mentally anguished alike. Pick up one of these books on healing today and follow the Holy Spirit's leading to health and unhindered communion with the Father who loves you!


  • Chariot of Fire by Martha Kilpatrick
    Chariot of FIRE
  • All and Only - The First Word...and the Last by Martha Kilpatrick
    All and Only - The First Word...and the Last
  • Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose by Derek Prince
    Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose
  • Blessings of Obedience by Andrew Murray
    Blessings of Obedience
  • The Blood of the Cross by Andrew Murray
    Blood of the Cross, The
  • The Christian Woman . . . Set Free by Gene Edwards
    Christian Woman . . . Set Free, The
  • Crucified by Christians by Gene Edwards
    Crucified by Christians
  • Derek Prince on Experiencing God's Power by Derek Prince
    Derek Prince on Experiencing God's Power
  • Divine Healing by Andrew Murray
    Divine Healing
  • God's Medicine Bottle by Derek Prince
    God's Medicine Bottle
  • John G. Lake on Healing by John G. Lake
    John G Lake on Healing
  • Power in the Blood by Charles Spurgeon
    Power in the Blood

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